Plan A Screening With Tugg

We’ve recently partnered with a new U.S. screening service called TUGG to bring the film to your local cinema. This means you do not have to pay the upfront license fee and can still earn something for an organization or cause! (Sorry, this is for U.S. screenings only).

How does TUGG work?

  • First, visit Tugg’s website and create a login.
  • Go to the Birth Story page on Tugg ( and select Create Event 
  • Select the theater, date & time and Tugg contacts the theater and handles all logistics
  • The theater tells you a threshold, which is a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved for the theater to hold the screening. Tugg will let you know the threshold amount.
  • Tugg provides promotional materials and strategies to spread the word about the screening and creates an event page where people can purchase tickets
  • Share the information with your network of friends, colleagues, clients and organization members
  • If enough people reserve a ticket and you meet the theater’s threshold, the screening is confirmed!
  • You receive 5% of ticket sales following the event!
  • If the threshold is not met within a set amount of time, the screening is called off and no one is charged for the tickets they reserved
  • There are no costs to you – only buying your own ticket to the screening 🙂
  • You can eventize your screening by making it a fundraiser, hosting a Q&A Discussion, or holding a Raffle
  • Have more questions? Visit Tugg’s FAQ or email
  • If you are based outside of the United States and want to plan a screening, consider a screening license by clicking here.

To see TUGG screenings planned so far, or to contact TUGG, click here.  For other planned community screenings, click here.