Host a Screening

Want to bring a screening of Birth Story to your community? We would love to work with you to plan one!

These screenings are a great way to educate and inspire your clients, colleagues and friends. It is easy to do and we can provide materials and suggestions for how to promote it.

(Also available: Educational copies available for ongoing use in classrooms!)

Option 1 (U.S. and international screenings)

Birth Story is now available on DVD. However, in order to host a public screening you also need to obtain a screening license—this supports the ongoing work of the filmmakers and also complies with US Copyright Law.

  • Screening licenses for the film are available for $200 USD for 1 screening, plus shipping fees for international orders.
  • Screenings can be held in a variety of settings, at a local venue, conference or even at home.
  • Screenings can be also be used as fundraisers for a non-profit organization or business devoted to midwifery, maternal and infant health or similar causes.
  • We encourage groups to charge for tickets to cover the costs of the license.
  • With the screening license, you will receive a screener DVD, plus access to our promotional materials.
  • We will post the screening information to our schedule on the website & Facebook page, and let our Facebook followers know about it.

Click HERE to download a screening agreement with the payment information.

Option 2 (for U.S. screenings only)

We’ve recently partnered with a new U.S. screening service called TUGG to bring the film to your local cinema. This means you do not have to pay the upfront license fee!

How does TUGG work?

  • The theater will determine a minimum number of tickets that it needs to sell in order to hold the screening. They will also suggest dates and times that work for the theater.
  • Share the information with your network of clients, friends, colleagues and any organization members.
  • If enough people commit to the event to meet the minimum, the screening will be set.
  • No one will be charged unless the minimum number is reached.
  • With this option, fundraising for a group or organization is limited, as the theater will keep any proceeds. However, TUGG does allow for donations to be made upon purchase of tickets.
  • If you are using the screening as a fundraiser or are based outside of the United States, consider option 1.

TUGG Screenings are listed below. For other planned community screenings, click here.